Bike Rental

Thousand Islands Bicycle Co. provides bicycle rental services throughout the Thousand Islands region. From Gananoque to Brockville and everywhere in-between-If you want to get out and explore the region, We can help!

Our Bikes

Our bikes are Reid Bikes 7 speed bicycles, commonly called a city bike or 'dutchie', they are simple and comfortable bicycles.  Perfect for discovering our riverfront towns, without being too complicated. 


*Panniers are available if booked in advanced (additional fees apply-please contact our team for more information on these options).

Complimentary Delivery to your accommodation

Full day bicycle rental(24 hours) available for delivery to any location in Gananoque, the Thousand Islands Parkway and Brockville regions. 


*We will deliver your bicycle the night before your booking between 6pm-8pm  and pick up the following evening.

Prices-CAD-All prices include taxes

                Bicycle                 E-Bike                          

1/2 day     $25 

full day      $40                      $80

2 day         $70                      

weekly(5 days) $140


*1/2 day rental-4 hours-Pick up only

*Full day- up to 24 hours

*All bicycle rentals include a helmet and cable lock

*All rental prices are taxes included

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